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S. Holder, Totnes, Devon May 2022
I see Barbara occasionally to rectify my pelvic misalignment. It’s really beneficial and I see immediate change! She is thoroughly professional thorough, gentle and has a great sense of humour!
R. Balfry, Dartmouth, Devon May 2021
I have benefitted from a McTimoney chiropractor for nearly 40 years and can confidently endorse the technique above all others. Barbara Jurewicz has treated me since I moved to the South Hams 3 years ago. She is a highly skilled and dedicated practitioner in this gentle and effective technique. I am very pleased to recommend her to others.

L. Campbell Smith, Tavistock, Devon May 2021
I have suffered with chronic back pain for many many years – just thought it was something you ‘put up with’. Recently it became acute and I was in a really bad way unable to put my foot to the ground. I was taking very strong painkillers but it was still very bad. A friend recommended me to go and see Barbara as she had helped my friend in the past. I went never expecting the result I got.

Barbara was kindly, professional and magical. After two session it was as if a magic spell had been put on me. My back ache has completely gone,  I cannot believe it.  Every day I wake wondering if it will return but no. No more pain killers no more pain. It is wonderful.
I have decided to return for a maintenance session in a few weeks time so Barbara can keep my body in good shape. It is probably unnecessary but I am so happy.
J. Bird, Salcombe, Devon July 2016
I have been fortunate enough to have been treated by Barbara Jurewicz for a number of different injuries to my spine, hips and knees. She is a gifted chiropractor and is meticulous in the care and attention she gives me. I would recommend anyone to see her. She has healing hands!
Angie Leigh June 2016
I have a treatment twice a year as does as my horse, so both in perfect balance. It keeps me pain-free and healthy. Barbara and her team have helped me, my partner and nine work colleagues cope with niggles in life, sciatica and back pain. My partner has given up his daily use of a walking stick. They are the BEST. It truly will make a difference to your well-being, I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Jihan Adem June 2016
The quality care and knowledge of the practitioners here is second to none. Thank you for your time and effective treatment!